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Our company has experienced technical team, strict management system and standard operating procedures. Respond to 7 × 24 hours in time.

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Intelligent Platform

Our system can monitor and remotely control, and it can handle massive data based on cloud architecture. the platform has a unique intelligent control function.

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Data Visualization

Easily build data visualization interface through function modules such as configuration engine, dashboard engine, and report, and display support:PC, mobile.

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Why choose us?

  • Comprehensive service
  • Our engineers and provide you with cost-effective solutions in your case. Every solution we propose to our customers is customized and optimized according to their needs, while being automated and self-serviced.

  • Cost-effective
  • Our services help users reduce total cost of ownership, reduce operational risk, reduce system failures, maintain system stability, and effectively manage facility planning, design, and construction to provide customers with low-cost, high-quality services.

  • Experience
  • Our company continues to provide solutions for large enterprises at home and abroad to help customers improve efficiency in terms of release efficiency, quality and resource utilization, and enjoys a high reputation in the domestic DevOps field.

    Our company is committed to the field of IT outsourcing services for many years. The company is engaged in corporate network maintenance, server operation and maintenance outsourcing, IT outsourcing services, system integration, system security and other services.
    The concept of the public: to create an efficient IT office environment for enterprises to focus on their core business value to maximize the value of the public: simple, focused, high quality, pragmatic
    With the rapid development of the Internet environment. Gradually strengthen the development of the "mobile Internet" and the "Internet technology" research. Excellent team, fast and effective execution, and excellent service will be the core competitiveness that will continue to lead the future.

    Products and solutions

    The smart big data service platform focuses on the integration of information resources, focusing on big data applications, and adheres to the principle of “comprehensive planning, step-by-step implementation, integration of resources, collaborative sharing, highlighting key points, focusing on effectiveness, deepening application, and driving innovation”. Improve the level of informatization construction and promote sustainable and healthy development.

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    Warning Platform Architecture

    Through the big data analysis technology, the system helps the enterprise to detect and detect potential hidden dangers, find problems in advance and solve them, and reduce the occurrence of enterprise security accidents.

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    Big-data processing Setting

    The data laboratory integrates high-end talents of internal and external big data of the company, and is responsible for the product development of big data related software, and promotes the development of the company's big data Service business.

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    mobile office Philosophy

    Through the intelligent terminal, the business system running status can be monitored and mastered at any time and anywhere, and the step ladder is classified. The service can be directly controlled and processed remotely by command.

    Service Content

    IT outsourcing

    The daily IT maintenance, installation and maintenance of the computer, system software and application software of the software and hardware of the company's office environment and the desktop system, as well as software and hardware technical support.

    Network Maintenance

    Maintenance of the network anti-virus system maintains the user's network anti-virus system, updates the virus database to ensure network, system and data security, and configures network devices such as (routers, switches, gateways, network storage, APs, etc.)

    WebServer building

    Personalized design custom enterprise display website, template development company display website, responsive website development, H5 page custom development

    Server operation

    Reasonably plan the server load, routine maintenance server has been applied, troubleshoot, build new application services, server data backup, recovery according to the company's business development needs

    Computer room construction

    Network product erection, network engineering design and construction, structured cabling, network integration, distribution frame and cabinet maintenance, provide rationalization solutions for existing defects and problems


    Server security hardening, vulnerability penetration scanning, security early warning, software security repair, regular update security protection

    Technical solutions

    Our company has a wealth of successful cases of transnational peacekeeping, with professional success plans. Helping companies use their IT infrastructure efficiently and build on them to drive continued healthy growth.

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    High speed network

    As the performance of computing devices increases, the computing power of CPUs increases rapidly. From the application point of view, HPC applications are mostly computing/communication/computing/communication..., so high-bandwidth and low-latency networks are required to guarantee MPI communication. How to eliminate the bottleneck of the HPC system, so that the CPU computing performance is effectively utilized, the most effective method at this stage is to calculate the communication network using a high-speed network different from the traditional Ethernet network, such as Infiniband or Omni-Path network. 56% of the HPC TOP500 uses high-speed Internet, and the TOP50 of them all use high-speed Internet.

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    Highly available cluster

    Clean & ClusterEngine

    As a leading high-performance solution provider in China, we have been committed to building an intelligent system service platform to achieve efficient communication between people and cloud computing systems, and to make many research institutes and institutions "convenient and efficient." The direct beneficiary of the economy. Today, cloud computing system has become an indispensable part of business, government and education as a platform.

    A unified cluster usage and management platform, through which the use and management of the cluster can be completed without the need for other tools.

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    Highly available database


    Our company has a number of mature high-availability database architectures, which can be deployed according to the customer's business characteristics.

    The mainstream high availability:

    The first, shared storage solution;

    Second, the operating system real-time block copy;

    Third, master-slave replication at the database level;

    Fourth, a highly available database cluster.

    Each type of data synchronization can be derived from a different architecture.

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    Clean & Minimalistic Design

    1.Combine security policies, hardware and software to form a unified defense system that effectively prevents illegal users from entering the network and reduces network security risks. Hierarchical level protection, internal network isolation, minimum permissions, active security detection.

    2.Conduct vulnerability scans, audit trails, and identify problems in a timely manner to solve problems.

    3.Real-time security monitoring through intrusion detection, providing a means to respond quickly to failures, and having good security forensics

    4.Enable network managers to quickly reorganize corrupted files or applications. Restore the system back to its pre-destructive state, minimizing losses.

    Project Manager: Boris Becker

    Executive: Heike Macatsch

    Architect: Oliver Pocher

    Client: FairTech

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    Visual monitoring

    zabbix、 grafana、elasticsearch

    hrough our company's visual monitoring system, it can be used in any place where data visualization is needed to support all data sources on the market, and it can display servers, systems, business data, etc. on the big screen. Lets you intuitively understand the business operations anytime, anywhere.

    Through the 300+ global distributed monitoring network, the website, server, network, API and other resources are monitored 24 hours a day, ensuring stable operation of online business.

    Network management

    Tailored for you, individual design, unique

    • Enterprise network design
    • Enterprise network security detection
    • Enterprise network monitoring
    • Enterprise network high availability hardening
    • Enterprise network upgrade

    Enterprise IT outsourcing services

    Professional enterprise IT outsourcing, let you expand your business wholeheartedly, and then have a professional team to escort you

    • IT outsourcing services
    • Centralized procurement of enterprise IT equipment
    • Enterprise weak electricity system, computer room construction
    • Domain work environment
    • Customized technical solutions

    Enterprise information management

    One-stop service for a full service.

    • CMP|CRM|OA|ERP System custom development
    • WeChat public number | small program custom development
    • H5 event page custom design, development
    • Brain map needs
    • Product prototype drawing

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